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8 Reasons to Celebrate Deepavali Festival


Deepvali festival is going to be celebrated on 19th of October this year (2017). Deepvali is biggest Hindu festival and also it is most favorite festival for every hindu. There are several reasons behind the celebration of deepavali festival at a big scale. We are in this post will be talking about the reasons why people celebrates deepavali festival.

Reason 1 - Birthday of Goddess Laxmi

It is said that the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity was born from a ocean on the very occasion of Deepavali. The birth of goddess Laxmi taken place during the samudra-manthan event which happened in the ancient times in front of gods (devas) and demons (asuras). Goddess laxmi married to Lord Vishnu on the same darkest night of the year which said to be Amavasya of kartik month. So, on this holy occasion people illuminated diyas and lights to celebrate deepavali festival.

Reason 2 - The Legend of King Mahabali

According to the most sacred hindu text Bhagvata Geeta tells us how on the day of diwali, Lord vishnu in his 5th avatar (the Vaman-Avatar) rescued goddess laxmi from the prison of King Bali. This event happened during the Treta Yug. The king mahabali was a strong ruler on the earth. King mahabali had been given some special powers by Lord Brahma so that even gods cannot beat him. To mark this legend, the festival Onam is celebrated in the month of August in Kerela region.

Reason 3 - The Vadh of Narakasura

According to Bhagvata Geeta Narakasura managed to gain awesome powers. Because of awesome powers Narakasura conquered Heaven and Hell in his region. Narakasura even stolen the earring of the goddess of heaven Aditi and also some of his property. The Goddess Aditi killed Narakasura on the day of diwali and also saved around 16000 women which narakasura has conquered.
There is one more story of the same day that wife of lord krishna satyabhama also one who eliminated narakasura. It was said that theh Narakasura can only be killed by his Mother. Satyabhama was also an incarnation of his mother Bhudevi. After death Narakasura accepted his mistakes and asks from satyabhama that people in future will celebrate his death with colors. So the event is celebrated as Choti Diwali/Naraka Chaturdasi in various part of India.

Reason 4 - The Return of Pandavas

According to the Epic Hindu "Mahabharat" it is depicted that the pandavas was appeared after 12 years of banishment after the lose in the game of gambling from Kauravas. The 5 brothers, their mother and their wife is loved in all aspects by the people. People of the kingdom has illuminated diyas in entire are to celebrate their return in Hastinapura. And with the time the tradition is also maintained these days.

Reason 5 - The Victory of Ram

According to the great Hindu Ramayana, it is said that Lord Ram (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Treta Yug) conquered Lanka after killing the King Ravana and came back after 14 years of exile. On return of Lord Ram with His brother, wife and Lord Hanuman people illuminated diyas and celebrated his return to ayodhya.

Reason 6 - Coronation of Vikramaditya

It is said that the king vikramaditya was coronated on Diwali day following his victory over the Sakas in 56 BC. This event also celebrated till now with happiness and fun annually.

Reason 7 - Hindu New Year Day

Diwali is also called the hindu new year. Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion of the world. On this occasion hindu businessmen prays to god for better future of their organization.

Reason 8 - The Harvest Festival 

Diwali comes during the time of Kharif Crop. It is a time when rice cultivation is to give the fruit to the harvester. As india is a agro-friendly country it gives new means of celebrations to us.

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