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Understand Diwali for Kids


This article is for kids. Now you can make your kids understand what is diwali in easy words. We have made this diwali for kids guide with a lot of love for your kids. Diwali is a festival which is loved by everyone so now its kids turn to know more about diwali.

What is Diwali (Divali) ?

Diwali is also pronounced as Divali. Diwali is a Indian festival of Hindus. Diwali festival signifies victory of good over evil.

When Diwali is Celebrated ?

Diwali is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, it falls on different days each year. Diwali is celebrated in the Kartik month according to lunar calendar. This year the Diwali is being celebrated on 30th October.

How long is the Diwali Festival Period ?

Diwali is basically a 5 Day festive period. In these 5 days there are 5 major events which are Dhanteras on First Day, Choti Diwali on 2nd Day, Diwali on 3rd Day, Diwali Padwa on 4th Day and the last Bhaiya Dooj on the 5th day.

Diwali is celebrated by Hindus all over the world with a lot of energy and happiness all around. On diwali all people who celebrates diwali prays to goddess laxmi to give them wealth and prosperity.
Diwali is celebrated on the return of Lord Ram along with his wife Sita, brother Laxmana and Hanuman Ji after victory over the evil.

What Does Diwali Means ?

Diwali means a chain or a line of lamps (diyas). It is basically called the festival of lights.


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