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Ways of || Diwali Celebration || 2017


Diwali is a five day celebration period festival of India. Diwali holds the utmost importance among all of the Hindu festivals. Diwali is the festival of lights and signifies victory of good over evil. On this festival people burst crackers, decorates their houses with diyas and lights, exchange gifts and eat sweets together. Lord Ganesha and goddess laxmi is worshiped in night.

There are 827 Million hindus in India who do diwali celebration. So, there will be hell lot of ways by which people do diwali celebration. So, we'll be talking about the ways of diwali celebration in India.
So, lets start.

Different Ways of Diwali Celebration :


North Indian Way of Diwali Celebration
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Ramlila is one of the most important things which people in north India watch near to their places to celebrate the win of good over the evil. In ramayan it is said that the lord Ram returned along with his wife, brother and hanuman after winning from Ravana.
People of North india decorates their houses with diyas. They make beautiful combinations of diyas in such a way that it will make an image and looks unexpectedly amazing.
There is also a ritual that if you play card at the night of diwali that will increase your financial growth.

South Indian Way of Diwali Celebration

Unlike North India, South India celebrates diwali as deepavali. Deepavali comes a day before diwali. Deepavali is basically Naraka Chaturdasi. People cleans their houses and especially kitchens, decorates their houses with lights and diyas to celebrate diwali. They also burst crackers on diwali night. People in south india takes a oil bath before sunrise and wear clean fresh clothes on diwali day.

East Indian Way of Diwali Celebration

Diwali celebration in east india is just like any other region. Firecrackers are burnt, Sweets are distributed, houses are cleaned and decorated, diyas are lit up and much more. In the orissa region there is one thing very unique. People on diwali calls up spirits of their forefathers. This ritual starts with lighting up jute stems. This is done to illuminate path of heaven for their forefathers so that they can go back to heaven.

People is West Bengal and Assam offers prayer to goddess kali just before a day of diwali. Pandals are put up in the region of west bengal for this prayer. People keeps their gates and windows open as they believe that goddess laxmi will visit each and every household.

West Indian Way of Diwali Celebration

Ind west india, preparations of diwali begins a week before. West india is a very colorful part of the country and the diwali is also very colorful in west indian region. They makes colorful rangolis along with doing the similar basic things to every part of india. They also make small footsteps of goddess laxmi towards the entry of the house. The 4rd day of 5 day festival is marked as the New Year in gujarat region. The 5th day is celebrated as the Bhai Dooj in probably every region of india.
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India is a very diversified country, people are lovely and they respect each other. So, live together and cel;cerebrate a happy diwali.


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