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The Ganesha Story - Birth of Bappa


As Ganesha Chaturthi is just on head. We have decided to write a shirt story about the birth of Lord Ganesha which anyone can easily understand. The name of Lord ganesha is first taken before starting any good work or a new work. Especially in business field lord ganesha is worshiped top most. The importance and significance of Lord ganesha will become clear after reading the below story.

Lord ganesha is son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesha was not born but he was made by the hands of Goddess Parvati.

A long time ago when lord shiva was out fighting for gods, the only lady of the house Goddess Parvati was alone at home. On this time she wants someone to guard the house when she is taking bath. Goddess Parvati used her powers and drawn a son who was named Ganesha. She strictly said ganesha to take care of the house and do not let anyone enter in the premises. Ganesha agreed to the order of her mother and stood on the gate to guard.

Suddenly Lord shiva came back after taking victory for the gods. Lord shiva was stopped by the Ganesha to enter into the house premises. Ganesha was very well following order of her mother. He didn't allowed Shiva to enter the house in any case. Lord shiva got angry from this behavior and slashed down the head of Lord ganesha on to the ground. Meanwhile Goddess parvati came out after bath and seen the whole scenario and started shouting and crying. Parvati was very angry on Lord Shiva and also told the whole situation to him.

Lord Shiva apologized his mistake and promised to give Lord Ganesha a new birth by fitting the head of a living creature whose head is in north direction during the sleep. He sent his army to search a creature like this. The soldiers came back with the head of an Elephant. Lord shiva fitted the head of the elephant on the place of head of ganesha. This is why  Lord ganesha looks like an elephant from the top of body.

Goddess parvati was still not happy by seeing his son and still asked for more. Lord ganesha gives her surety that Lord ganesha will be worshiped before any god or goddess on starting of any new or good work.

So this is the ganesha story which is very old and trusted by almost everyone from long time. This is how our lovely and dearest Lord Ganesha born.


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