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5 Days of Festival of Lights Diwali


Diwali is a brilliant 5 days festival of lights. This is the most popular and most loved festival in india among all age groups. From elders to kids everyone loves it and youth is crazy about it. This festival is not a one day festival but it is a 5 days event. From long poojas to crazy fun and crackers all is there on this festival. We all waits for it all year long and the feeling starts exciting us from 15-20 days before of it.Colorful lamps are litten up and diyas are litten up on houses and roads. Houses are decorated with electric lights and rangolis and looks amazingly awesome. The 5 day long event has 5 different festivals in it.

Here is the list of 5 festivals in festival of lights event diwali :

1. Dhan Teras
The First day of this event starts with Dhan Teras. This is one of the auspicious day in india. On this day lord dhanwantari is believed to come out of the ocean with ayurveda for the goodness of mankind. Ayurveda is a medical science which helps us to cure our diseases and live life longer. People purchases metals on this day including kitchen items, silver, gold and other metals.

2. Kali Chaudas / Narak Chaturdasi (Choti Diwali)
The second day is celebrated as choti diwali. In different region of India it is known with different names like kali chaudas and narak chaturdasi. On this day lord krishna killed the demon narakasura. This day people do relax so that they can enjoy diwali well on next day.

3. Diwali
The most awaited festival is finally came. Diwali is celebrated on the 3rd day of this 5 days festival of lights. We all buys new clothes and does laxmi poojan and ganesha poojan at night for the wealth and growth of all of us. After the worshipping the real fun stars. We go for cracking the crackers with friends....

4. Goverdhan Pooja / Vishwakarama Poojan
On vishwakarma pooja we worship our arms, machines, instruments and other things which helps us in our business. Most of the businesses gets closed on this day.

5. Bhai Dooj
Bhai dooj is celebrated on the last day of this 5 day festival of lights. This festival is celebrated for the long life our brother and better relationship between brother and sister


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