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Diwali Festival Information - Photos, Videos, Celebration


Diwali is a festival with deep history and roots. It has a long story behind celebration of it. Lakhs of lamps lit on this occasion to celebrate victory of god over evil. People draws beautiful ranglois and decorates their houses with lights. Diwali is a very old tradition. It is being celebrated from the time of Ramayana. On this festival we have got diwali festival information for you. See photographs, watch videos about diwali and know how to celebrate it better on one place. We would like to give you diwali festival information that people worships goddess laxmi and lord ganesha on this occasion. Now lets move on to Diwali Festival Information - Photos, Videos, Celebration.

This is a beautiful image of a house decorated with diwali images. This is image is traken very well and looking stunning.

 This picture is of Golden temple in Amritsar. Golden Temple is amazingly decorated with lights and looking very good.

Now lets see videos about diwali festival :


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