Virat Kohli Tells How to Celebrate Festival of Diwali


Diwali is a festival of light. It totally depends on you that how you celebrates festival of diwali. But it as always good to listen to someone also. This time Viral Kohli came up in a video of manyavar and he is telling about how to celebrate festival of diwali in right way.
If you have already made plans about how you gonna celebrate diwali festival then please comment down below and help others in making diwali plans for maximum fun. We would love to hear from you people about diwali plans.
Take a few minutes watching this amazing and worth watching ad by Virat Kohli the golden boy of cricket.
In this video virat kave told every small an big thing about diwali celebration.
This video was shared on 30th september and has took over 96000 views so far.

So here is the video :


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