Anti-Valentines Day 2018 - Date Sheet, Wishes, Messages, Pictures | Diwali 2018 Wallpapers, Quotes, Status, DP, Tips, Wishes

Anti-Valentines Day 2018 - Date Sheet, Wishes, Messages, Pictures

Anti Valentines Day 2018 Images, Quotes, Messages
Anti Valentines Day 2018 - Date Sheet, Images, Quotes, Messages
Like valentines day is for couples, we have anti-valentines day for broken hurts, singles, ditched lovers. Here is anti valentines week 2018 list date sheet, anti valentines day calendar 2018 for you. anti valentines day starts from 15th of february and continues till 21st of february. Anti valentines week list is as follows : slap day, kick day, perfume day, flirting day, confession day, missing day and breakup day.

Anti Valentines Week Date Sheet & Schedule

Date Day Day Name
15 February 2018 First Day of Anti Valentine Week Slap Day
16 February 2018 Second Day of Anti Valentine Week Kick Day
17 February 2018 Third Day of Anti Valentine Week Perfume Day
18 February 2018 Fourth Day of Anti Valentine Week Flirting Day
19 February 2018 Fifth Day of Anti Valentine Week Confession Day
20 February 2018 Sixth Day of Anti Valentine Week Missing Day
21 February 2018 Seventh Day of Anti Valentine Week Breakup Day

Anti Valentine Week List

Slap Day 2018

Slap day is for broken up couples. On slap day, boy and girl can slap any of them who cheated or ditched the relationship. Slapping might make you feel good on this day but remember don't do it just because it is slap day. Though you can slap them any fucking time.

Kick Day 2018

As this day is named kick day it doesn't mean to kick your girlfriend or boyfriend. It means that you should kick all your sorrows, problems and failed relationships. Start all new with happy face and soul. Though if you want to kick someone, go out and play football. Just assume that you are kicking that person ;-).

Perfume Day 2018

On this day, you can gift perfume to your crush or the person from who you broke off to show adoration. Perfumes are really a good option to gift at any occassion.

Flirting Day 2018

Singles and broken up couples are free this anti valentine week. They can easily and freely flirt with girls or boys around them. Flirting is the main task of this day and this is why it is named "Flirting Day".

Confession Day 2018

On this day, couples who are not serious, not loyal or cheating in relationship can confess on this day. Confessing is always better than being in doubt.

Missing Day 2018

If you are missing your ex, want to get your old love back then you can text your love a message stating that you are missing them. This day is very important and can bring your love back.

Breakup Day 2018

If you are fed up with relationship or want to get rid of it, then breakup day is perfect for you. You can break up from relationship on this day and be free.

Anti Valentines Day 2018 Images

these anti valentinesday day images will help you in expressing your words. Lovers who can't celebrate valentines day can celebrate anti-valentines day. These anti-valentines day messages will help you in expressing your words.

Anti Valentines Day 2018 Quotes

A healthy number of broken up couples searches for anti valentines day quotes to post on their whatsapp status and facebook wall. Putting anti valentines quote as status helps in indirectly saying words to their ex.


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